Harry Orgavan

Harry Orgovan

President SBHS

Harry Orgovan is a native Chula Vistan. He grew up loving and learning about the great South Bay outdoors enjoying swimming, fishing, hiking, and watching the different birds at the San Diego Bay.
Sandra Scheller

Sandra Scheller

Vice-President SBHS

Sandra Scheller was born in Chula Vista and growing up in the last house on 5th Ave and was known as “ Sax” 5th Ave.  Sandra was a professional mime in the 70’s and in the 80’s returned to teach at Chula Vista High.  Even after moving to Las Vegas, Nevada she continued to return “home” to visit her parents. 

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Mitch Beauchamp

Mitch Beauchamp

Treasurer SBHS

Mitch Beauchamp has been around National City for 75 years. His wife for 53 years, Martha, and two daughters, Vanessa Beth, and Nolina Lynn, are all National City natives (both daughters being Phi Beta Kappas!). While working as the manager of a Mexican railroad, he also took on Mexican citizenship, all the time loathing spicy food!

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Jack Gechter

Historian SBHS

I was born in San Diego, CA (1949). My Roots are in San Ysidro, CA. I lived in San Ysidro from 1949-1962. I attended Sunset Elementary, Beyer Elementary, Southwest Junior High School. I lived in San Diego (North Park, East San Diego) (1962-1976). I attended Wilson Junior High School and Hoover High School (Graduate 1967) in East San Diego (aka City Heights). I moved back to the South Bay area in 1976. I served in the USMCR (1969 -1975) – Vietnam Era Veteran. Southwestern College 1972-1976 (1976 – Associate Arts Degree -Physics) Santa Ana College (2000- Associate Arts Degree – Engineering Surveying & Mapping).  I worked for the City of Chula Vista (1979-2005) Engr. Tech 1, Survey Party Chief, Assistant
Surveyor II.  In September, 2005 I became a Professional Land Surveyor – PLS 8051  https://www.bpelsg.ca.gov/ 2005 -2020. After leaving the City of Chula Vista (26 years of dedicated service) I worked as a Professional Land Surveying Consultant (South Bay Land Surveying).
Patricia Huffman

Patricia Huffman

Director – Archives SBHS

Patty Huffman was born in Oceanside, CA, in 1930 and moved to Chula Vista six months later.  She attended F Street School (The Chula Vista Library is now at this location), Chula Vista Junior, and Sweetwater High.  Her senior year was spent at the new Chula Vista High which was housed at Brown Field.  She attended SDSU and graduated from Whittier with a teaching credential.

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Steven Schoenherr

Founder of SBHS and Historian emeritus 

Dr. Steven Schoenherr was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1945 and earned his B.A. in History at Indiana University and his Ph.D. in History at the University of Delaware.He moved to San Diego in 1977 and taught in the Department of History at the University of San Diego from 1977 to 2007. 

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Marie Dolopo Zhivago

Aurora-Marie Dolopo Zhivago

Director- Bulletin & Online Media SBHS

Raised in South Bay San Diego since 1971, Aurora-Marie Dolopo Zhivago is a Published Children’s Book Author and Illustrator, “The Sakura”. Retired Surgical Operating Room Technologist and Visual and Performing Arts Educator and Consultant for Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Her pen-name is Dr. Zhivago, nicknamed by Surgeons and Anesthesiologists and her students in the school district. 

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Francia Castro

Director- Historical Home Tours SBHS

For over a decade Francia calls Chula Vista home. 

Amidst the vibrant culture and community spirit of this city, Francia has worn many hats—a nurturing single mother raising three remarkable children, a professional with two decades of dedicated customer service experience, and a passionate advocate for positive change.

Around seven years ago, I set forth on a transformative journey in the world of real estate. Guided by a mentor who believed in my potential, I ventured into this amazing field. My commitment to excellence and my determination to provide unwavering support to my clients have been the cornerstones of my real estate career.

But my contributions extend beyond property transactions. In 2022, motivated by my desire to create a lasting impact, I ran for City Council District 2. Though the election was a chapter in itself, it was not the end of my civic involvement. The year 2023 saw me embracing the role of Commissioner for the Chula Vista Veteran Advisory Commission—a privilege that allows me to serve those who have served us.

Yet, my journey doesn’t stop here. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Southwestern College, a commitment that reflects my belief in the power of education and growth. As I expand my horizons academically, I am also dedicated to expanding the dreams and possibilities of those I serve in real estate.

In every step I take, from guiding my children to navigating the world of real estate, from advocating for my community to pursuing higher education, I am driven by a profound dedication to making a positive difference.