South Bay History – it’s who we are


Are you wondering about the history of the South Bay including neighborhoods, shops, people, the South Bay past, and so much more?Do you like exploring your own backyard as though you were traveling for the first time to an exotic location? From our North, East, South and West our South Bay history is filled with incredible stories that make our region so special.  

We are so glad you found us. 

The South Bay Historical Society, established in 2013, seeks to highlight the diverse communities of the South Bay, San Diego from National City to the U.S.-Mexico border. We host events, create exhibits and support the community in their historical needs and interests.

We offer several ways to let you engage with us through our online videos and museums. Our Chula Vista Public Library has so much to offer with books written about those that have embraced the history of who we are. The best way to learn about us is to explore. From our Bayfront shore to our fishing lake to the east, it is easy to fill your day with fun, exercise and knowledge about our past.  Become a member today so that you can be informed and meet the wonderful board of directors and members that make our organization so special. 


We want to know about you. Share your history with us. Our events include hearing about your history. Our bulletins ask members to share articles about historical facts about our great history.

Please join our facebook page at South Bay Historical Society and  The Chula Vista Heritage Museum.  It is the best way to stay informed and meet people.  Also visit our youtube channel, OUR LIVES OUR FUTURE with Harry Organ and Sandra Scheller.  Here you can watch and learn about historical and education leaders in our community.