Saloons, Brothels and Opium Dens: Life at La Frontera during Prohibition

Join us at the Bonita Museum on Saturday, August 10th at 2pm for a Beer Tasting session and a slideshow of the wild and wicked days when the border was a place people went to indulge in vices.


  • You’ll hear about the Border Barons who started the “Vice-Industry” in Tijuana and at the same time donated to churches in the South Bay.
  • You’ll find out that the famed horses Trigger & Seabiscuit were boarded in the South Bay and raced in Tijuana.
  • You’ll also find out that the 1920s is when our our sewage problem at the border began, the foreshadowing of maquiladoras came to be and much more.

There’s fun, laughter and some serious topics explored during this slideshow with original archival photos. A discussion and beer tasting will follow.


Bonita Museum

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