Sandra Scheller was born in Chula Vista and growing up in the last house on 5th Ave and was known as “ Sax” 5th Ave.  Her elementary school, F St., is now where the Chula Vista Library and went to Chula Vista Jr. and Chula Vista High.  With an AA degree from Southwestern College she continued on to San Diego State majoring in dance and communications.

Sandra was a professional mime in the 70’s and in the 80’s returned to Chula Vista  High teaching dance and movement.  She moved with her family to Las Vegas, Nevada but with her parents in Chula Vista continued to return “home”.

She worked for Cirque Du Soleil until 2014 and with her mother now bound to a wheelchair, studied Holocaust education and became the caregiver to her mom who continued to speak in the schools to students about the Holocaust and her mother’s past.

She is the author of Try To Remember Never Forget, a book that details her mother’s Holocaust experiences.   She joined the South Bay Historical Society and created the RUTH exhibit now on display.  This is her 3rd year as the Vice President and is the co-creator with Harry Orgovan in Our Lives Our Future, a youtube show that features South Bay leaders and Holocaust survivors to enhance the exhibit.